CreativeLAB Expereiences

“We help to build up trust in innovation processes and new creation projects, providing tools to enhance the best Brand perception, reducing the uncertainties by the idea of facing new opportunities.

We do all that is needed so nothing is left to chance since we are aware of the speed of change that our business, projects and organisations face.”


Engaging Experiences

Armero, manages since 1999 his own CreativeLAB and Ideation Brand, focused on innovation and design, for brands, business, event agencies, festivals, institutions and other organisations interested in obtaining originals, efficient and sustainable.

The Creative Firm is formed by a creative team that develope their job from the exploration of alternative ideas, providing innovative solutions to the challenges that brands face today. This multidisciplinary team adapt itself depending on the needs and dimensions of the projects they work on.

We know ideas are created between people with different ways of thinking. We believe in collaborative talent to build the future


Armero. Engaging Experiences.

Armero, together with his creative team, has worked in a wide range of fields, from pharmaceutical brands, telecommunications, the mass consumer sector, Public administrations, NGO’s, Hospitality groups, to entrepreneur projects, startups and private clients, allowing him to gain/earn experience in the following fields and creative services:



“Origin of the Brand Bussiness Model. Possesses a very thorough knowledge of the different fields that are involved around Brand and communication for companies, being able to provide a meaningful experience, providing a differential advantage in the development of projects linked in this área.”

/ Art and creativity direction.

/ Brand products ideation.
/ Interactive and audiovisual creativity.
/ Content for trade shows, events and corporative meetings.



“Sphere that complements across the services and creative products form the studio, directly Integrating the communication proposal, to create new contents from a global and experiental visión.”

/ Design of special brand projects.

/ Audiovisual and digital design.
/ Events and brand experience design
/ User interaction vs product and brand.



“Space intervention from the user experience point of view and its sensorial perceptions, connecting with the ideal message to convey in each moment and surrounding.”

/ Ephemeral installations.

/ Exhibitions and stage design.
/ Installations with interactive design.
/ Retail and pop-up stores.



“One of the fields where Design and Creativity turn themselves in a real value for Growth, planning and positioning of a Brand. The actual idea of “Branding”, is fundamental for the sustainable creation of the Projects, easing the election of the most convenient route where to walk with more security towards the desired objectives in a business Project.”

/ Branding strategy.

/ Design and communication strategy.
/ Image and creative consultancy.
/ Communication and experiential marketing.

Creative Process

[ R + C + D + C ]

Research + Creativity + Development + Communication: a work process, an understanding of creativity and innovation from a composition in which all elements are in constant change and exchange.

+ + +

[ Research ]

We need to talk about research to talk about creativity. It is the first necessary step to ensure innovation and change. The environment and people in which creative research takes place is in itself a process.

[ Creativity ]

It is the core of my way of working and the axis of our activity. It is present in each phase to ensure optimal solutions for achieving the desired outcomes.

[ Development ]

Is not enough just to think about it, one also has to carry it out and produce it. AT this point, the experience and expertise are essential.

[ Communication ]

In the era of information and knowledge, if it is not public, it does not exist. Moreover, we live in a supersaturated environment so that again the creativity in this section seems fundamental to contact and interact with the environment.

+ + +