Rafael Armero

Armero. Engaging Experiences.

<<Multidisciplinary creative with Dadaist vocation, my development projects in the field of experimentation, processing and dissemination. My method of work is based on exploration models of Experimental Creativity.

From my design experience I combine communication, technology and architecture, and with other disciplines such as psychology, sociology and engineering solutions, to investigate Creativity, Development & Communication solutions orientated to the innovation.

My aim is to revolutionize my environment and to improve the welfare of people.>>

{ Creative vs Designer }

During his work process, Armero has generated his own style, an attitude and work methodology based on the experimentation of the creative I+D, empowering the value of the brand and the positioning of the projects he intervenes.

During his short trajectory, he has been awarded national and international awards, the result of his relentless pursuit of good work and his obsession for details. He has also done multiple pieces of training, talks, workshops and expositive projects, always using them as a Laboratory with the aim of keeping his mind active, agile and actualized.

Proces vs Results

<<The underlying challenge for innovation lies in facing the process and being swept along towards the desired result.>>

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Designer & Experimentalist

<<The hardness of the old school teachers and education contrary to the development of the individual, coupled with my fledgling childhood dyslexia, planted a seed of creativity that led me to use drawing and painting as a form of escapism and communication.

My curiosity for seeking a different reality, “I’m going to question everything from now on”, and a certain kind of ambiguity would therefore become a part of my personal style. For this reason and for my growing artistic interest generated around the Dadaists, “they are the seeds of the creatives as we know them today,” and the figure of Salvador Dalí, I decided that Design would be my future profession and the tool to shape my environment.

After training at the Valencian School of Arts and Professions (Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Valencia) came various professional experiences in Spain and England that led me to create my own studio. In this continuous process of seizure, search, change and evolution, I have focused my professional evolution between communication, fashion and marketing.

But the changing sign of the times we live in and the need to become a cutting-edge differential label design and creativity or the opposite, also leads to other fields as varied as the NLP and DBM (Neuro-linguistic Programming and Developmental Behaviour Modelling), with which myself become a Creative Project in itself.

I had developed into a projects and creative director for brands with a strong emotional gene in their DNA, moving away from the “design” and focusing on the core design of the ideas, the concept.

In short,I live in the process, I submerge myself daily and searches tirelessly for my effective innovation and the proactiveness of creativity as individual”.>>